Why is Injection Molding so popular in China?

Molds are used in various industries, including automotive, packaging, medical device, electronics, and consumer goods. If you have a new product requiring injection molding, importing it from China is the first choice.

We will follow up with a series of articles on Why Injection Molding is so prevalent in China? Hence, today we will start with an introduction to the China mold industry base to give you a better idea.

This country is one of the leading producers of molds and related products, accounting for a large global market share. The Chinese mold-making industry is characterized by a wide range of expertise and advanced technology, making it an attractive destination for foreign investment.


China plastic mold Advantages







China’s mold industry base has four advantages:

1.The first advantage is forming an industrial chain from design and manufacturing to producing related materials and heat treatment, etc., with an outstanding benefit of integration.

2.Second, the country is more advanced in technology application. New technologies can be widely and rapidly applied in the industrial park.

3.The third is the apparent effect of talent concentration.

4.Fourth is advanced equipment. If we can continue to improve technology, update equipment, the establishment of modern enterprise management model, the future development of China’s mold space will be more remarkable.

Mold industry clustering development is one of the complementary advantages, which further helps local economic development. In this regard, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and other provinces are at the forefront of the country. Let’s introduce these mold industry bases one by one.


Guangdong mainly has five mold industrial parks, including Qingyuan City, China mold machinery manufacturing equipment industrial park, Dongguan, Guangdong Chang’an town of international machinery and mold Hardware City, Dongguan, Guangdong Hengli mold city, Foshan mold city, and Shunde Shanggang mold city.

These parks gathered many specializations, a high degree of standardization, high mold quality, and mold enterprises, and effectively play the advantages of Guangdong mold while promoting the rapid development of the Guangdong molding base.

However, this high quality comes at a great price. The cost of molds manufactured in these bases is also slightly more elevated.


Zhejiang Province is known for the Yangtze River Delta advantage of the mold industry base. It started the trend of industrial clustering and formed China (Huangyan) mold city industrial park.

Zhejiang Province mold enterprises are mainly concentrated in Ningbo and Taizhou City. These two areas have more than 4,000 mold production plants, including over 2,000 professional mold production enterprises, employing more than 100,000 people with a mold output value of more than 20 billion yuan.

Ningbo’s Yuyao, Ninghai, Cixi, and Yinzhou mainly produce plastic films. Beilun is famous for the die-casting mold, and Xiangshan and Zhoushan are primarily known for casting mold and stamping mold. The total output value of molds in Ningbo has exceeded 14 billion yuan.

The central mold production enterprises in Taizhou City are concentrated in Luqiao and Huangyan. Plastic molds account for most of them, and the total output value of molds has exceeded 8 billion yuan. As a local specialty, Huangyan molds have been released and promoted at the 17th Invention Exhibition held in Pittsburgh, USA.

Huangyan mold advantage:

1.The first one is the price. It mainly offers the concept of high school and low mold companies that provide a wide range of options to choose from. You can get high-grade material for high-range, medium-quality on mid-range, and low-grade at a lower price.

2.The second advantage is time. The mold manufacturing time is relatively fast here with the short production cycle. The side of the Huangyan mold industry clustering effect is significant. Outside processing machine tools are enormous, including extensive machine tools and processing convenience. In addition, buying accessories is also convenient. Everything is available here, whether you want to buy a power tool, hot runner accessories, or sandpaper drill bits.

3.The third advantage is precision. Huangyan’s accuracy is still perfect, with excellent mold quality. The ability to solve the production of complex molds is also vital. You can find all kinds of injection molding parts products and the corresponding professional mold factory in Huangyan. The quality of the molds is also better, and they have many good machine tools and high-speed milling.

4.The fourth advantage is the after-sales service. If the mold has a problem that must be dealt with, Huangyan replies quickly and can generally guide the solution remotely.

ZHXTOYS’ mold factory is located in Huangyan. The engineers are all veteran staff with more than 20 years of experience. You can contact them at any time for any plastic mold needs.

Huangyan mold industry recently invested more than 400 million yuan in technological reform, including purchasing various CNC processing equipment for more than 200 sets.

ZHXTOYS mold factory has adopted CAD / CAE / CAM for design, analysis, and manufacturing. They significantly improve the grade of mold products, and mold exports continue to expand. ZHXTOYS will be happy to serve you.


Jiangsu mold is mostly emerging in recent years, generally unique to the large vehicle mold factory. The mold industry in Jiangsu, China, is rapidly growing with many manufacturers and suppliers.

The province is home to many of the country’s reputed mold manufacturers and suppliers and several smaller companies. The industry is characterized by many players, a highly competitive environment, and a shifting landscape.

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