Why China injection molding?

If your company needs injection molding services to manufacture plastic parts, one of the first and most critical decisions is whether you want to choose an injection molding facility in your home country or overseas.

While many countries offer mold-making services, China is a significant player in this market. It is because the cost of injection molding in China is much cheaper than in the US or Europe. With a China-made injection mold, you may save 20-60% and have a faster turnaround time.

Advantages of China Injection Molding


Many injection molding companies in China produce molds and molded parts of similar quality compared to companies in the US and Europe, but at a much lower price. The choice is always clear, both for the plastic parts produced and for the development of the molds themselves. The prices in China are much lower than in other countries, thus saving you more profit and cost.


There is a reason why there are so many injection mold manufacturers and injection molding plants in China. Manufacturing has been a core component of China for decades. Many injection mold manufacturers in China serve companies and customers around the world.

Delivery time

The lead time for injection molding in China is short. Typically, this takes 3-8 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the tool.

After we understand the advantages of working with a Chinese injection molding company, we also have to consider the following things to remember when working with a Chinese injection molding company.

1. You need clear and effective communication between your company and the mold maker in China. Working with a mold-making service located in a different country, speaking a foreign language, and with a different culture can add to the complexity of communication. Hence, when choosing an injection molding company, it is best to select a mold company with expertise in working with foreign customers and extensive export experience.

2. If the mold is complex, you need to check whether the mold manufacturer can handle the rigid mold you need. The complexity of plastic parts directly affects the complexity of the mold. So when choosing a partner, make sure that the other party has rich experience in injection molding and can solve all kinds of problems.

3. To save communication costs and time, you can consider a one-stop injection molding service. One-stop injection molding service includes one-stop outsourcing services such as mold design and manufacturing, product injection processing, and plastic shell surface treatment (spraying, silk-screening, etc.). Why do many plastic injection molding factories emphasize a one-stop service? Because it can not only reduce injection molding costs but also save a lot of time. One-stop injection molding service dramatically improves production efficiency. Also, One-stop service factories are professional and have enough strength to provide better service.

ZHXTOYS specializes in injection molding and provides strict program management from design to production to provide our customers with quality injection molded parts. We know you are making some critical decisions now that will affect the quality and efficiency of your future plastic parts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any injection molding questions.

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