Which brand is good for kids’ scooters?

Getting your child their first scooter is a big moment in a family’s life. Weekend strolls of a few blocks will no longer take the better part of an hour, and there are likely to be fewer tantrums when you spend less time on the road and more time enjoying the destination.

Now, you have a great chance to have a look at the table of best scooters for kids in 2022 and choose the one for your child.

The best kids’ scooters for 2022 are:

    • Best overall – Trunki small folding kids scooter with carry strap  Halfords.com
    • Best scooter with a seat –ZHXTOYS 3-IN 1 Mini Folding Kick Scooter  ZHXTOYS.COM
    • Best for early years – Stoy my first scooter  Alexandalexa.com
    • Best wooden scooter – ATK off-road scooter  Allterrainkart.co.uk
    • Best for teens –Micro Sprite kick Scooter  Micro-scooter.com

Trunki small folding kids scooter with carry strap  Trunki.co.uk

Trunki is an innovative kids’ brand best known for cutesy pull-along suitcases and backpacks that can transform into on-the-go car seats. The bright, gender-neutral colors appeal right away, but it’s the extra bits that make this a winner not only for kids but for exhausted parents everywhere.

There’s a clip-on/off carry strap, which can be used to pull children who don’t feel like moving or sling on your shoulder or hang it from a pushchair when not in use. It also folds up easily (just push the front and underside buttons simultaneously), which makes it easy to tote around.

Best Features:

    • Durable Construction – lightweight, durable frame with large, sturdy wheels.
    • Bag – to keep things clean whilst being stored or carried
    • Tow and carry strap – can be transported easily, hung on pushchairs, or over the shoulder. Tow strap to help with tired legs & aid the learning process.

ZHXTOYS 3-IN 1 Mini Folding Kick Scooter  ZHXTOYS.COM

Chinese brand ZHXTOYS makes some of the most stylish scooters, with a brand ethos of prolonging each item’s use. Thanks to innovative design and styling,  kids can have them for years.

This one lives up to that brand promise, and will work for kids from the age of one to about five or six. With both a height adjustable handlebar and a foldable seat, the ZHXTOYS Scooter is designed to adjust and grow as your child grows.

What’s best is the scooter’s detachable seat that can be removed to suit older and more experienced riders, or simply folded away for younger kids who want to ride standing. 

Best Features:

    • Removable – The folded scooter has a small area and is easy to carry, eliminating the trouble of storing parts. It is easy to get on the plane, and the trunk of the car does not occupy the ground.
    • Height adjustable –  The scooter can grow with the rider, reducing vibration, and improving safety and comfort.

Razor Jr. Lil’ 3-Wheel Kick Scooter Razor.com

Every girl wants to get a pink scooter as a birthday present. Surprise your child with the best scooter for girls and spend a lot of time together outdoors. This best mini scooter can take a rider weighing up to 45 pounds.

The comfortable handlebar with rubber caps provides maximum control. Stable large wheels for maximum grip with the surface will give the most smooth and comfortable trip. The kickboard is wide and has an anti-slip coating for maximum protection. Your girl will be happy to get the best mini scooter by Razor and will appreciate your efforts.

Best Features:

    • Anti-slip coating for a kickboard – riding without injuries
    • Large and reliable wheels for a safe trip

Stoy my first scooter  Alexandalexa.com

Stoy is a Scandi kids’ brand, so it is assumed that the styling is going to be good. This scooter has a handy basket, which is perfect for stashing a few on-the-go kiddie essentials. Although it’s recommended for ages two and up, we think this one could be used with a keen 18-month-old. It’s not very speedy, so it’s ideal for indoors, in back gardens, and brought to the park for a play. 

Best Features:

    • A handy basket- can bring water cups, tissues, etc. with you when the children are playing
    • Itl helps develop your child’s motor skills, strength, and balance.
    • Anti-slip surface.

ATK off-road scooter  Allterrainkart.co.uk

This scooter appeals to us for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s made from sustainable high-grade plywood, so is one of the few wooden scooters for kids available. Plus, it has 10-inch pneumatic tires which can handle all terrains, going over grass, gravel, and through woody paths covered in sticks.

The Wooden Scooter is easily assembled in only 5 minutes. It has 3 components that are simple to put together with the tools supplied.

Best Features:

    • Constructed in strong high-grade sustainable plywood.
    • Easy to pull along or carry.
    • A powerful brake that operates on the rear wheel.

Micro Sprite kick Scooter  micro-scooter.com

Micro Sprite is a strong kick scooter from the award-winning company –Micro Kickboard. It is perfect for kids who are 8 years and above. It has an adjustable handlebar that extends up to 34″ above the deck.

The Micro Sprite can handle up to 220 lbs, making it suitable for moms, family travelers, middle school students, and other commuters. The Micro brand is known for its superior construction, design, and materials. Micro sprite kick scooters offer your kids a smooth cruising experience.

Best Features:

    • Large and tough wheels that handle bumps and pebbles easily.
    • Foldable and ultra-weight (5.5pounds)
    • All parts are replaceable

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