What products use injection moulding-Proofread

   The injection molding method is known for offering high production speed and efficiency. It can realize automation operation, breed of design, and different colors. It can produce products in various shapes, from big to small sizes, and is precise in dimension. This method is suitable for mass production with complex shape products and processing fields.

   Injection molding is a widespread manufacturing method used to produce everyday household items. Its applications cover commercial, industrial, and consumer products. This method provides versatility and can generate designs with intricate detail, down to simple forms in any size range from small to large objects.

Parts and products produced by injection molding machines

The automobile industry

   Car light casing, most car interiors, car bumper, etc.

  • Electronics industry

   Mobile phone case and part of the mechanism, laptop case, computer monitor case, mouse, keyboard, USB, and so on.

  • Household appliances

   Television enclosure, washing machine, refrigerator, hair dryer, telephone, power switch, socket, electric kettle handle, and base.

  • Everyday items

   Microwave oven-based lunch box, water cup, plastic stool, plastic table, plastic sorting box, plastic flower pot, plastic dustpan, plastic bowl, plastic basin, plastic toys, water cooler shell, drying rack, and so on.

  • Cosmetics industry

   Some cosmetic packaging (bottles, LIDS), etc.

  • Medical industry

   Disposable syringes, devices for adjusting the fluid volume on infusion tubes, etc.

  • Office supplies industry

   Whiteboard pen, ink pen, ruler, file holder, printer cover, copier cover, fax cover, and so on.

  • Industrial parts

   Many industrial parts and assemblies are made using plastic injection molds. Industries such as oil and gas may rely on durable plastic parts as a reliable and low-cost alternative to more expensive metal parts.



   The injection molding process may seem complicated, but it is the most common manufacturing method because of its ability and efficiency in producing many everyday items. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to build functional prototypes and end-use products.

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