The structure of electric scooter in principle

With the increasing pace of the city, people are now choosing electric scooters and balance cars, due to their small size, low cost, and ease of use. It offers a great degree of convenience for people’s daily travel.

Kick scooter

A vehicle with at least one pedal, two wheels, a vertical gripping part, and a steering mechanism.

Electric scooter

An electric scooter is a low-speed vehicle, driven by a DC motor with a battery as the power source. It is used for leisure, recreation, and transportation.

The working principle of the electric scooter is quite different from that of bicycles. An electric scooter is a sports tool that takes the traditional human-powered scooter as the basis of research and adds the electric power kit to make it run. It can be divided into single-wheel drive and multi-wheel drive, and it usually uses a lithium battery.

The electric scooter is more convenient compared to the traditional electric bicycle. It is small, lightweight, fast to get started, and has the same control as the electric bicycle, which is conducive to sustainable use.

The single-wheeled balance scooter is supported by one wheel. The angle and direction of the single-wheeled balance scooter can be adjusted through the change of the rider’s gravity, and the operating principle is to maintain “dynamic stability”. The central processor can calculate the corresponding command to achieve the rider’s balance.

Electric scooters have advantages and disadvantages as follows.


    • Folding and portable
  • Electric scooters are generally compact and stylish in appearance, generally less than a meter in size, which makes them easy to carry. They can be folded up in a small footprint. Office workers can ride an electric scooter to the bus station and then fold it and carry it around on the bus.
    • Adequate electricity
  • Electric scooters do not need people to rely on waist force twisting and foot push to push the skateboard glide but use electricity as energy.  The electric scooter has a large battery and high-powered motor to ensure that the scooter can last a long time.
    • High safety
  • Electric scooters are relatively small, and office workers can fold them up and put them in the office after they arrive at work. Their acceleration and braking device are manually controlled. If you encounter danger, it can be directly manipulated compared with the skateboard to reduce the chances of danger. But be careful to drive at a reasonable speed.
    • Environmental-Friendly and save money
  • Lithium batteries are repeatedly rechargeable batteries. Compared to motorcycles, electric vehicles have low power consumption and are money-saving. It also supports environmental protection.


    • Short life span
  • Electric scooters are small and convenient and their battery life will be shortened after a long time of use. Due to the relatively small size, it is easy to be stolen, if locked outside. Electric scooters are not suitable to drive on the ground in bad conditions.
    • The limitations of speed
  • The maximum speed can not exceed 25km/h. In the case of ensuring their safety, electric scooters should never exceed this speed.
    • Parts need to be replaced regularly
  • The battery, motor, and tires are all consumables and their service life is hardly more than 2 years.
    • Not waterproof
  • Lithium batteries can not be immersed in the rain for a long time, hindering the popularity of electric scooters.

Material of electric scooter

When buying an electric scooter, the first thing you need to consider is the material of the electric scooter, as the quality of the material can determine the durability of the scooter. In addition, it also evaluates the overall weight and the weight-bearing capacity t of the scooter.

The whole electric scooter is divided into tires, frame, pedals, and other parts.

(1) Tire material

In terms of tires, the more common material on the market is PU, because PU has strong wear resistance and anti-aging. In the process of riding, it offers strong elasticity and its service life is also very long, so the vast majority of electric scooter wheels use PU material.

Tires are divided into solid tires and pneumatic tires. Solid tires are less effective in cushioning during riding, and the whole person will feel uncomfortable when encountering potholes and potholes.

Pneumatic tires tend to be used for higher-end electric scooters, which can be effectively cushioned and will be very smooth when driving on the road, no matter what type of surface they pass.

Most of the scooters on the market today have tired of about 8 inches, somewhat S version. Plus version and Pro version boost the tires to about 8.5-9 inches. The size of the tire doesn’t pose much difference and you will not have any special obvious changes in daily use.

But if you have to go through the neighborhood, the speed bumps, or not-so-flat road, then you should go for the big tires.

(2) frame material

As far as the frame is concerned, the more common materials on the market are aluminum, high carbon steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, high expansion steel frame, etc. Because there are more types of frame materials, there will be more choices when buying.

Aluminum alloy is the most common frame material, with light weight, hardness, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics, while the aluminum surface is very smooth with long service life. It is also the first choice of electric scooter purchase.

Aviation-grade aluminum alloy electric scooter is also available on the market, which is more convenient to carry, and very durable

(3) Pedal material

As far as the pedal is concerned, the more common materials on the market are aluminum, ABS plastic, PVC, etc. The new material is better, compared to the traditional material; however, the pedal is not an aspect that needs special attention when purchasing.

4.1.2 Weight of electric scooter

The weight of the electric scooter is also an issue that needs extra attention during the purchase process. The weight of the electric scooter on the market is generally between 6-18Kg. Most people consider the convenience and practicality of electric scooters when they purchase them.

The lighter the weight of the electric scooter, the more convenient it will be when carrying it. With the advancement of technology, the folding function of electric scooters is also popular among the majority of users, bringing great convenience to travel.

Well, the lightest electric scooter on the market is the carbon fiber scooter. Equipped with a kind of black technology, its weight can reach 6.5kg or even lower, which is very convenient for mobility.

Carbon fiber is less dense and cost-effective. It can be resistant to high temperatures in a non-oxidizing environment, and buyers have a better experience when using it.

In addition to new materials, most other electric scooters are concentrated in weight of about 10kg. You can buy and sell according to the weight of the gender. For example, smaller girls can choose lighter-weight electric scooters while sturdy men can choose a scooter with more weight.

Battery life of electric scooters

In addition to the material and weight, the majority of consumers are concerned about the electric scooter battery life. The electric scooter with a strong range can reduce the number of recharging; however, if the range is not enough, it is likely to run out of power. So, before buying an electric scooter, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the battery life.

The battery range and weight is generally proportional and you can calculate the distance you need to travel before buying to ensure that your daily needs can be. At present, the range of electric scooters on the market is about 30km, but it may not reach this value, in actuality.

As an ordinary consumer, it is recommended to choose the electric scooter with the range of around 30km when buying to meet the needs to the greatest extent.

The weight of the car

The weight of the scooter on the market makes a difference, which is also the key point to consider in the purchase process. Many people may have the misconception that the lighter the weight of the electric balance scooter, the better the riding process and the more convenient it is to carry when traveling.

But it is not true. The lighter the weight of the balance scooter, the weaker the corresponding range. The stability will also get worsen when riding.

The weight of the common single-wheeled balance bike should be 9-12kg, a two-wheeled balance bike is 10-12kg, a super large two-wheeled balance bike is 30-40kg, and children’s models under 12 years old two-wheeled balance bike about 5kg.

Generally speaking, a single-wheeled balance bike can withstand a weight of about 220 pounds or less, and a two-wheeled balance bike can withstand a weight of about 300 pounds or less.

Here say in particular, if you are purchasing the children’s two-wheeled balance bike, its weight should not exceed 35 percent of the child’s weight, especially for some of the youngest children.

Pull-off force

The end of the handlebar tube should be equipped with a handlebar sleeve or cover, and it should be able to withstand a pull-off force of 70 N.

For quick release, the handlebar should not be separated from the handlebar tube by applying a force of 90 N in the direction.

Locking device

The locking device of the folding mechanism should meet the following requirements.

(a) locking device through two independent actions, such as safety latch can be opened;

(b) It should be able to indicate whether the mechanism is in the loose or locked position;  in the locked position, the locking device should not

accidentally unlocked or unlocked while riding;

c) The locking device should not break or be permanently deformed and it should be subjected to a locking force of 250 N;

d) The force required to release the lever in the loose direction when the locking device is in the locked position should be greater than 50 N;

 e) The locking device should not touch the moving parts during riding.

Static strength of the pedal

The pedal part is subjected to 3 times the expressed load, and it should have no obvious deformation. Also, the deformation should not be more than 5 mm.


After the test according to the specified method, the electric scooter shall not catch fire, explode or leak liquid. Its main bearing structure shall have no obvious damage, and the electric scooter shall be able to drive normally.


Test according to the prescribed method and there should be no visible cracks or fractures in any part of the electric scooter, once the test is conducted. The locking device should not be loosened, and the electric scooter should be able to drive normally.


According to the test method, there should be no visible cracks or fractures in any part of the electric scooter, and the electric scooter should be able to drive normally.
An excellent electric scooter must meet the above requirements and you should compare these factors when you buy electric scooters. Additionally, you can also choose the electric car, according to your needs, to maximize its usability.

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