Plush Battery Ride-Ons

With realistic appearance, attractive sounds and ergonomic design, our ride-on toy is undoubtedly the best gift for children.

Product Details:

Unicorn Plush Electric Vechle

  • Appearance and Material:Unicorn the simulated appearance and shape are made of the cutest soft plush. , with a more comfortable sitting posture and touch, which will bring children an excellent riding experience. riding unicorn for girls and boys will enjoy this, and they are very safe and stable, so it is fun.
  • Ride Method and Usage Scenario: Ride plush electric ride on by gently foot on the pedal, the handlebars are easy to maneuver and can turn left and right. This riding unicorn  with a mechanical steel structure is very easy to drive, highly playable, convenient for riding indoors and outdoor courtyard gardens on a flat surface, and will not cause damage to the floor.
  • Physical and Mental Health: It can also enhance physical strength and immunity while play it. A warm reminder that young children rideable dinosaur must be accompanied by their parents in order to ensure safety when playing.

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