Kids Luggage

Multifunctional children’s travel case Ideal for travel, toy storage It can be pulled or pushed on wheels, carried on the shoulder and the child can sit on it

Product Details:

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  • Safe and Sturdy Construction:Made of high quality environmentally friendly non-toxic and non-hazardous PP material, the ride-on stroller is a toy for children to use. In addition, our toy stroller is robust and can withstand a weight of up to 25 kg. The fall-proof bracket prevents it from tipping over, thus ensuring high stability and safety
  • Seatable, pullable and storable:Three functions in one, you can pull the box with the drawstring and wheels and open it to a storage space. You can also sit your child on the box and pull it
  • Secure Packing :Travel trolley luggage is the perfect size to hold all their gear. Inside cross straps keep their contents secure and organized while traveling. Flexible and tear-proof interior compartments are ideal for smaller items. Made using a heavy-duty outer zipper, which means repeated use won’t break it.

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