Baby Bathtub

FOLDABLE & PORTABLE Make baby bathtime a comfortable & pleasant experience. The Baby Bath Tub is foldable and portable featuring a simple to assemble and fold design. Folds down almost flat, making it a non-hassle to store.

Product Details:

  • Convenience: Easy to fold and place anywhere. This baby bathtub can be folded when not in use, not occupying indoor space, and be easy to carry outside. When you need to use it, just open it.
  • Utility: Compared to the traditional baby bathtub, this collapsible tub has been adjusted and tested several times, and the folding bath bucket will expand downward, increasing by 0.5 cm.
  • Vertical Insulation Design: The design can reduce air contact, and let the water temperature have long-term heat preservation, so your baby can’t catch a cold while washing.

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