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OEM, which stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer Service,” describes the manufacturing process of a product as specified by the customer. Customers only need to provide design ideas or a design for a plastic product, and we perform OEM production, providing a "one-stop" service from mold making, material selection, sampling, mass production, packaging, to shipping.

Through years of experience in working with global customers, we have accumulated a lot of experience in product and manufacturing, so we understand the needs and standards of various customers. We never resell our customers' customized finished products to another party in order to protect our customers' intellectual property and trade secrets. "Protecting the privacy and integrity of our customers' intellectual properties" is a principle that we always follow.

We Handle Everything

Mould Making

Customers only need to inform us of their design idea, and our own mold factory with an experienced team will produce the mold within 40-60 days (the mold manufacturing time depends on the complexity of the mold), and the mold is finely manufactured by CNC technology to ensure quality.

Quality Control

We perform quality control checks throughout the production process, and all products are equipped with quality inspectors to ensure that they meet the required standards and specifications.

Packaging and Labeling

Once the products are manufactured, we package and label them according to our customers' needs. We also support brand customization and packaging.

Shipping and Delivery

100% of our products are tested during the production process and then randomly inspected according to international standards before shipment to ensure product quality. We load the goods into containers, ship them to the export port, and fully cooperate with you to provide a series of import clearance information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual property rights under OEM projects include but are not limited to the design, process, and technology of the products. If necessary, you can sign a non-disclosure agreement with us to ensure the protection of business secrets for both parties. Furthermore, you can apply for patent, trademark, and other intellectual property protection to ensure the uniqueness and competitiveness of your products.

If we help you produce molds, we will be responsible for their regular maintenance and guarantee a minimum of 300,000 sets of molds per pair.

The production cycle usually lasts between 40 and 60 days, depending on the customer’s requirements and time for the molds. The price of the mold will be influenced by the size and complexity of the mold and the materials used. Basically, the price of a single pair of molds can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Please check the following article for more information: https://zhxtoys.com/why-do-plastic-injection-molds-cost-so-much/

We place great importance on the safety of the toys we make for you, and we assure you that all toys in your specified age range will meet or exceed all current international safety standards.

This depends on the timeliness and delivery time of the logistics. Typically, our delivery cycle is 25-35 days, with 25-40 days by sea to your country’s port, and you will need to add the number of days for ground transportation from the port to your warehouse.

Sure. Not only product colors and packaging, but also stickers and logos can be customized. Please feel free to contact our sales team

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