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Your ride on car, scooter, or balance car is clearly and precisely presented in our sketch blueprint. The drawing helps us to see an immediate preview of your idea for a further in-depth design.

Use advanced CAD soltware.Zhxtoys designers can render your toy concept into a 3D model as fast one hour. The R&D team can provide around eight to ten 3D models of your ride-on toy idea to gmerous options on how you want your product to appear.

Ride-on toys that do not contain complex parts can be 3D printed as fast as one day, providing you with a quick hands-on preview of the outcome.

Seasoned engineers carefully evaluate the first 3D-printed or assembled prototype to ensure it meets your parameters. If all aspects of the prototype satisfy the size, function, and durability requirements.
we will proceed to the mass production of your order.

After accepting samples, we will start mass production of your ride-on toys. With factory space for automated production lines, we ensure short delivery times for your balance bikes, scooters and other ride-on toys.

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We provide customized solutions for all of our customers, including product color, packaging, functionality, design, shipping, and more.

Leading Ride On Toys Manufacturer Since 2009

Our factory is strategically located in Yiwu, China. With our own design and development, production and sales team. The factory has ISO, ISO9001, Disney FAMA, and BSCI Factory certificates, making it globally competitive.

Intelligent Factory

Automating production to provide our customers with the highest quality and efficiency, Luddy produces over 500,000 ride-on toys per month, and with our 80,000 square meter factory and over 300 skilled workers, we make your ideas a reality.

300 ㎡ Showroom

Explore ZHXTOYS expansive showroom, where we showcase our bestsellers and introduce our newest ride on toys to the market.

General FAQs

ZHXTOYS has passed ISO, BSCI factory inspection, with most items having ISO9001, Disney FAMA and BSCI Social Accountability inspection; all products have EN71/ASTMF963 certificates, and the quality of products meet the quality standards of countries worldwide.


Our minimum order quantity is usually 300 pieces, but can be adjusted according to customer’s demands. The delivery period for our regular models is 7 working days after receipt of first payment, while the delivery period for customized products depends on the design model selected.


Our company is located in Yiwu, China, the “World Capital of Small Commodity Trade”.


You can purchase ZHXTOYS products in two ways: send your inquiry email to [email protected]; or leave your contact information via the form at https://zhxtoys.com and we will contact you within 12 hours.


Sure. We are always eager to assist our customers in increasing their market share, and we can share our market analysis with you after a contract is signed.


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