How we normally develop a ride on toy? Check for the process here!

Developing a new product typically takes several months from conception to standard mass production shipment. It includes the form structure of the manuscript 3D design, the first version of the sample, and other steps to reach the mass production requirements. Here, we will go into detail about the specific steps.


When launching new products, we rely on our customers’ needs with the general environment of the product. The R& D team will choose to launch a new product for mass production, according to the existing products on the market, design, and improvement.

Appearance Models

As with all product designs, function always influences form, but in the toy market, your product must look attractive and engaging enough to make your toy appealing to parents and children. We start by hand drawing out some general product appearance through our design team and choose to vote internally.

Then, we use CAD for precise design, and finally, we link each structure with the plan to meet the requirements by using 3D printing technology to complete the product’s first version. It may need to be more detailed, but the general shell aspects align with the needs.


While working on the 3D modeling, our membrane tooling design is being done simultaneously. Before reaching mass production requirements, there will be the following environment.

Film production

The essential element of injection molding is the design of the film tool. We will divide the product into several or dozens of film tools. Each film is injection molded into one part and assembled in the production line.

Finished Products

They are unlikely to have the right color or finish, but they provide a valuable opportunity to robustly test everything from how a product is assembled to its functionality. And the R&D team then works on fine adjustments to this first finished product.

For example, some flow lines or defects in the film tooling, whether it needs to be textured and polished, etc. Then our design team also needs to design a package that fits the product’s characteristics.

Final product sizing

As the name implies, this step is carried out at the end of the process. We have taken the product from an idea to a final physical step. The product is adjusted to a perfect situation with the film tool.

This step is also the most difficult, as we must keep trying and inputting ideas to compensate for the wrong product. Then, we do some prototype production and film tooling trial steps.

We ensure the product can be mass-produced while keeping the quality online. At the same time, we can observe if any fine-tuning is needed. Once it is determined that there are no significant changes to the basic tooling, we then pass the product through our laboratory before an outside laboratory approves it.

Mass production

Once our products are confirmed, the R&D department will inform our professional sales team of this news. Let them do a market screening. We decide what countries would be more suitable for such a product, and we will then send our product to our existing customers for discussion.

If you follow all the above steps, you will significantly reduce some unnecessary risks. And you will be able to bring the product to market on your expected schedule.

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