How to import plastic toys from china

How to find toys at good prices can be a problem for every businessman. This article teaches you how to import plastic toys from China.

Toys are a big industry in China and there are very many strong plastic processing companies.

By importing from Chinese suppliers, you can get a wide variety of toys at very good prices.

However, importing toys requires a relatively trivial and complicated process. A complicated process. In this article, we’ll go through five points to understand the basics of how the process is accomplished

Article Outline

  • 1. Find a company that can help you with the import process
  • 2. Select the required samples and negotiate a fair price with the factory
  • 3. Customs will inspect your goods and you will need to prepare the relevant documents
  • 4. Ensure toys meet international safety standards and export standards
  • 5. Examples of successful toy importers and the reasons for their success

Why choose to import Chinese toys

Importing toys from。 Chinese toy manufacturers is a popular choice for very many countries

This is because China’s production capacity is so strong and there is a wide range of products to choose from.

From the link below you can see that China’s plastic toy manufacturing industry is on the rise. And the prices are far below the global average.

These numbers are from a few years ago (per child spending for 2021 is not yet available). So you can imagine that these numbers will be much higher this year and for as long as the coronavirus affects people’s lives.

Based on these numbers, The best places to import toys are the US and Europe. Why import toys from China and not other countries?

China is the world’s leading toy producer and exporter. More than 50% of the world’s plastic toys supply comes from China.

This means that China has the widest variety of toys of any other country in the world, so you will be able to find any toy you need from there.

Chinese toy industry trends

Find a company that can help you with the import process

There are many merchants who are also importing products from China for the first time and are not familiar with all the paperwork and regulations.

But don’t worry, there are many foreign trade companies in China that can help you through the process, from filling out the paperwork to finally getting the product through customs.

The most important thing a quality foreign trade company needs to have is trust.

You can ask the toy trading companies to introduce you to their partner companies and ask to show some quality achievements and qualifications.

If conditions allow you can also let each other take a picture of their own company office environment to observe the strength of the company

Select the required samples and negotiate a fair price with the factory

After deciding on a foreign trade company or docking yourself to a factory introduced

And now the larger toy suppliers are supporting OEM/ODM/OBM by someone else, you need to pick their products and also put forward your own. requirements for the products you need.

The factory and the foreign trade company will go to look for the required samples under your conditions.

Surely the samples are sent back to see if they can meet their needs, but also need to discuss with the factory to come up with a mutually acceptable price, and reach long-term cooperation.


Customs will inspect your goods and you will need to prepare the relevant documents

Once the samples are confirmed to be the products you need, you can import them in large quantities to your own country.

However, customs will inspect all shipments entering the country, so you need to make sure that you(The import documents are: entry slip, commercial invoice, bill of lading/airway bill of lading, import permit, insurance certificate, etc.)

import documents

Both importers and exporters will need to provide a customs declaration stating what the goods are their value, and how they will be shipped.

Customs officers will use this information to assess the duties and taxes that may need to be paid.

Also, generally, the finer addition, final payment is generally required to obtain a bill of lading from the supplier order to collect your imported goods at customs. However, you can also negotiate with the factory to submit a bill of lading telex release to pick up the goods in advance.

(The following pictures show the approximate process of customs clearance)

customs process

Ensure toys meet international safety standards and export standards

imported toys are generally in the form of containers, large quantities of wholesale toys, you can first let Chinese suppliers from the wholesale total take out a certain percentage of the experiment

Because when it comes to the safety of children, manufacturers must be required to produce plastic toys to meet international safety standards. Each product needs a toy safety directive.

This is very important. If there is no way to meet these standards toys may contain harmful chemicals or unsafe structural design causing injury. Therefore, it is necessary for the factory to show all aspects of safety certification and quality certification. Make sure the product is qualified.

And these are the primary criteria for export to foreign countries if the product can not meet the requirements of exports. For example, some fake toys, quality, can not meet the standard, incomplete procedures Then all will be returned or even destroyed.

For themselves and the factory is a very bad situation on both sides.

If the conditions allow, it is more recommended to send professional factory inspectors to the factory inspection, so that the cooperation goes more smoothly.

International Safety Standards and Export Standards for Toys

Examples of successful toy importers and the reasons for their success


Successful cases of toy manufacturers

Year of establishment: 1962

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

Main products: Department stores、Clothing、baby toys

Wal-Mart is a relatively comprehensive hypermarket but in its toy In section, you can see a variety of styles of toys and most of them are from China, Which is a relatively early import of Chinese products for sale. And there are also, a lot of discounted goods can be enough to attract customers. And now Walmart has become a very well-known brand all over the world



Founded: 1948

Location: Wayne New Jersey, USA

Main products: Toys, baby toys、mechanical toys、diytoys

Toys R Us is very well known as the world’s largest retailer of toys and baby products. In the European and American markets and was once popular as the home of toys. And are to ensure the quality and safety of their toys will not appear fake toys, substandard quality.

It is a great pity that in 18 years declared bankruptcy, many sellers are complaining, after the closure of Toys Tumbler, they do not know where to buy toys.

There is also this move directly affects the whole export situation of the toy industry in China. In this regard, it was also the time to import a lot of toys made in China. The good news is that Toys Dumpster City announced its return in 19 and is ready to resume some physical stores in 2022.



Founded: 1923

Location: Burbank, California, USA

Main products: Movies, entertainment, IP toys, DIY toys

Disney’s IP toys are very representative. And his IP toys, plastic toys, ride-on toys, etc. are basically from Chinese toy suppliers.

Therefore, it reflects China’s manufacturing capacity and efficiency in ensuring quality to meet Disney’s toy imports. It is very strong. Being able to manufacture and meet Disney’s standardschin.

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