How to Custom Plastic Toys

With the development of the times, plastic toys are updated and iterated very fast. It has given rise to customization, so how do we customize plastic toys? All you need is an idea to bring your imagination to life.

Creating a product with custom plastic parts is not as complicated as you think, and plastic injection molding is now more accessible to every creative person. Get a clear plan of action, and you will have an actual product ready for the market.

You need to take these steps and make sure things are going the way you want them to.

1# Design sketches

First, you can pen your ideas on paper and complete the initial concept design. Then find a factory that can customize plastic toys to help you figure out how to achieve it.

2# Appearance design

Once you find the factory, get the manuscript. It will usually make a small number of changes to the design based on the production process requirements and the safety certification requirements of the market.

The changes will be presented to you when they are ready, and you can discuss and improve them together. At this point, you will be making a lot of trial and error. You must be open to suggestions and flexible enough to make changes if a problem arises with a part.

Working with a team of professionals for any customized project is essential because:

A :You need a professional engineering team that ensures your idea can be realized and pass any testing requirements.

B:  You need a complete market research report. ZHXTOYS will provide you with a professional market research report covering market trends, competitor types, pricing, recommended marketing strategies, and more. They have used similar research reports to help 32 clients reach the TOP level within their markets.

C:A professional factory would be the perfect cherry on top of this group. This way, you can see how complex the manufacturing process is. The injection molding process is the preferred method for creating custom plastic parts. It balances cost and function very well while giving you enough flexibility to deliver the product you want.

3# Handcrafted boards

You can arrange to make a hand board, which is usually done through 3d printing or by hand. At this point, you and the engineer will need to talk again together with about the feasibility and see if any adjustments are required.

4# Structural Design

After the confirmation of the hand board, the engineer will use the software to design the internal structure of the product and present it to the molders for confirmation.

Engineers and molders will reduce the number of molds to ensure product quality and color matching to achieve maximum cost performance and utilize the market promotion.

5# mold opening

Once the structure is confirmed, the molders can arrange to open the mold. Depending on the size and number of molds, the mold opening cycle may vary, and usually, the cycle time is 20-45 days.

There will usually be at least two mold trials. The first trial mold is typically a trial mold without color matching, and the second trial mold is arranged by color sample to check if the color match is as expected and if adjustments are needed.

6# Samples

After completing the mold adjustment, a proof will be scheduled to follow the final color scheme. Package proofing is done to check if any further adjustments are needed before going to market.

7# Arrange for certification

According to market demand, arrange for this product to go for product certification to prepare for market entry. Get the certificate before moving to the next step.

8# Small batch trial production

Schedule a small batch trial production as soon as the samples are qualified to manage the problems in the production process. It is to improve production efficiency and save costs while ensuring quality.

9# Mass production

Once the trial production is over in small quantities, you can place the orders. The factory will arrange to purchase the related raw materials and packaging according to the order quantity and arrange to produce on the production line.

10# Packaging

All products will then be sent to packaging after IQC and QC.

11# Shipment

After passing the FQC inspection, we can arrange the shipment, and the new product can enter the market smoothly and wait for the inspection.

ZHXTOYS, is a leading plastic toy factory for more than 30 years and it is fully capable of undertaking custom plastic toy projects. If you have any demand for this project, please leave a message below or contact us online; we are ready to serve you.

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