How to choose the right battery for battery ride-on toy?

Riding toys provide kids with hours of outdoor entertainment. If you own a children’s riding toy, it’s essential to understand the battery’s types, quality, and capacity. Let’s take a deeper look at it to help you choose the correct battery for your kids’ ride-on toy. The guide also covers some ways to maximize its usage.

Types of Batteries

You may wonder, “do I need a lithium battery or a traditional sealed lead acid battery for my kids’ ride-on toy?” Or, more importantly, “what is the difference between lithium and sealed lead acid?”

There are several factors to consider before choosing battery chemistry, as both Lithium and Lead-Acid batteries have strengths and weaknesses.

Lithium Ion

The Lithium Ion batteries deliver more power, have more extended playing time, and faster charging at a higher cost (for now).

Pros: Quick charging time, longer playing time, more powerful.

Cons: High initial cost.


It is the most common type used in the vast majority of ride-on cars on the market today. At its simplest, a sealed lead acid battery consists of a series of lead plates and a liquid electrolyte housed in a sealed leak-proof battery case.

Pros: Inexpensive, requires little maintenance and comes in different sizes to accommodate various power requirements.

Cons: Longer charge time, a shorter lifespan.

What is the Difference Between Lithium Ion and Lead-acid batteries?

1.Charging time:

Charging Lead-acid batteries is notoriously slow. If you don’t want to waste too much time waiting for the battery to recharge, you need to have extra Lead-acid batteries available so you can still use your application while the other battery is charging. A lead-acid battery must be kept on a float charge in standby applications.

On the contrary, charging is four times faster with lithium batteries than with Lead-acid. The quicker charging means there is more time the battery is in use, and therefore requires fewer batteries. As a bonus, there is no need to keep lithium on a float charge for storage.


The one category in which lead-acid batteries outperform lithium-ion options is their cost. It’s no secret that Lead-Acid Batteries are way cheaper than Lithium batteries, thus saving you more money.

3.Battery Size

The simple rule to remember here is that bigger is better, as measured in voltage (i.e., Volts). A bigger voltage means more power, higher weight capacity, and more playing time. All things being equal, always look for units with a bigger battery to ensure a lasting good time. Of course, more power comes with a heftier price tag. Therefore finding the sweet spot for good value is an intelligent choice.

This factsheet is a quick reference point for ride-on car battery statistics, including maximum speed, charging, and riding time. Use it to compare differences and choose the car that best meets your child’s needs.

Here are some standard battery sizes you’ll find.

4. 6V

It is the smallest size, with the least amount of power. 6V batteries are suitable for ride-on bikes, small ATVs, and small cars. The charing time is about 45-60 minutes. If your child is around 2-3 years old, and you are concerned about your child’s safety while playing electric ride on a car, 6V electric car is your best choice.

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5. 12V

It is the most common size found in ride-on cars and gives an excellent balance between power and cost. Such batteries can be utilized in one- or 2-seater vehicles, with up to 70 lbs of carrying capacity. 12V batteries are suitable for children 3 to 6 years old.

6. 24V to 36V

It is the largest size found in the most prominent models. These beasty power units can quickly move 2-seaters, with additional options of going off-road, and has a weight capacity of 100 lbs or higher. You won’t need to charge them nearly as often, either. This is the way to go when you want the biggest and the best.

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