How to choose a scooter to rest assured

There are many children’s toys now, and scooters are already a “must-have” for children.

As one of the children’s favorite toys, how can you buy a safe scooter that reassures parents?


Avoid Buying Three No Products
See Applicable Age and Weight

First of all, you must purchase products through formal channels, carefully check the manufacturer’s information, product name, model, etc., to avoid purchasing three-no products; at the same time, consider the load-bearing performance and applicable age. Inferior scooter pedals bear less load, and when adults step on them, they will bend instantly, affecting the overall structure.

“Some details should also be paid special attention. For example, the positions of handlebars, steering tubes, pedals, axles, etc., to see if there are obvious deformation and damage problems. From the material point of view, the all-plastic scooter is lighter in weight, But the service life is short. The all-metal scooter is heavy, and the abnormal noise is obvious when sliding, but the service life is long. The ‘plastic + metal’ combined material scooter combines the advantages of the two and is the most cost-effective.”

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