How Many Packing Styles for Ride-on Suitcases for Toddlers?

With the increase in travel, children’s ride-on suitcase products have recently become popular. So, how do we usually package these suitcases to make them more recognizable and promote sales?

We have been producing ride-on for more than 30 years, and we have been in contact with dozens of toy packaging. For ride-on suitcases, there are mainly the following packaging methods.

Colorful band + outer box

Color box + outer box

Colorful band+ white box

Colorful band+ PDQ display stand

Outside the box + color stickers

1.Colorful band + Outer box

This packaging method includes adding a product description colorful band in the middle part of the ride-on suitcase. It can be custom designed according to the brand’s needs. We usually make 1pc/ctn. This packaging method is easy to identify, and packaging costs are also lower, so most of the children’s ride-on suitcases on the market are utilizing it.

2.Color box + Outer box

Because the order quantity of color boxes is relatively high and the cost is several times higher than the waist seal, this packaging method is relatively less applied in children’s ride-on suitcase products.

However, product recognition will be higher. Most of the other foot-to-floor toy products use this kind of packaging.

3.Colorful band+ White box

A small number of brands use the colorful band+ white box to improve the customer experience of the product. While the cost of the white box is higher than the yellow box, the overall aesthetics makes it worth the splurge. The only drawback is that it is easy to get dirty or broken in transit. If you mainly do wholesale business in the vicinity, you can consider this way. Remember that the unit price of the white box can be relatively high.

4.Colorful band+ PDQ Display Rack

This packaging method is usually used in supermarket chains, with the highest product aesthetics and recognition but the disadvantage is that it is not conducive to transportation and has higher costs. However, if the number is large, you can consider this packaging method.

5.Otterbox + Color Stickers

A small number of brands also use this packaging, placed in the storefront. The degree of recognition of these boxes is also very high. Its cost is lower than the colorful band+ otterbox, which is the most economical way to combine recognition and cost.

If you pursue a cost-effective but also convenient way for consumers to remember your brand, you can take this approach.

Product packaging is diverse, especially for toys. However, packaging methods are quite limited for a relatively large volume of children’s ride-on suitcases, due to their product specificity. For example, you can not use blister packaging, wooden frame packaging, etc.

So if you want to customize a ride-on suitcase, please feel free to contact us. We will give you the most suitable packaging method according to your market requirements. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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