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We are committed to making the world a more playful place.

Fast Delivery

Regular models can be shipped within just 7 days, which means you’ll never miss a sales season.

OEM/ODM Available

With 66 different injection machines, presses, and lathes, and an innovative team of 12 experienced designers, we provide guaranteed quality and fast delivery.

Corporate R&D Dep

All product R&D and daily testing is done in our own in-house laboratory enabling us to attain ISO, EN71 and ASTMF963 standards certification.

Unmatched Expertise

During many years in the toy industry we have created 26 market analysis reports covering market conditions in various countries. Put our expertise to use growing your business.


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"I initially worked with ZHXTOYS for nearly 12 years and was consistently impressed by their non-stop energy, boundless ideas, can-do spirit, passion and unique melding of creativity with business saåvvy. Over the years, we have done more deals together than I can count. Mr. Cao's mind is always in overdrive and he’s continually several steps ahead of everyone with his out-of-the-box thinking. He is a true visionary whose understanding of business and handle on youth & family marketing are unparalleled: he can help anyone build or re-build their business."
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"ZHXTOYS has a deep knowledge of all aspects of the toy industry. I was impressed by their expertise. I was surprised by their market PPT, so I decided to cooperate with them on the spot. In the process of cooperation, they not only fully supported me, but also provided me with a lot of useful help. I recommend them highly."
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"Before the COVID-19 pandemic in our country in 2020, ZHXTOYS and I had only cooperated twice. With the spread of the epidemic, I have cooperated more with ZHXTOYS at home, and have experienced many delivery and transportation issues. However, ZHXTOYS has always been in communication with me 24 hours a day and provided solutions, which finally helped me overcome all difficulties, and the products were successfully put on the shelves and very Best-selling."
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"I just entered this industry in 2019. After comparing 12 suppliers, I chose ZHXTOYS and another supplier to support my online shop. After 2 months of cooperation, I took ZHXTOYS products as my main products. Because their service is too satisfying for me. Almost they helped me build my shop together. They provided me with information and a lot of help one by one on product knowledge, industry conditions, competitive products, and market trends. What surprised me most was the marketing plan. They did it for me too, which surprised me too much."

Our Clients

Walmart client
Target client
ToysRus client
Hunter Products client
Kmart client
Kidsgro client
Argos client
sam's-club client
TOYTRON client
LOL surprise client

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ZHXTOYS 已通过 ISO9001、迪士尼 FAMA 和 BSCI 工厂认证。所有商品都有EN71/ASTMF963证书,符合每个目的地国家的质量标准。

我们的最小起订量一般为 300 件,但可以根据客户需求进行调整。我们的常规型号交货时间是收到首付款后 7 个工作日。对于定制产品,交货时间取决于所选设计。

 中国制造。详细的 ZHXTOYS 地址, 请参考我们的 联系我们 页面。

购买ZHXTOYS产品有两种方式:发送询价邮件至[email protected]或在 https://zhxtoys.com 下订单。

ZHXTOYS 支持通过 PayPal 和电汇付款。

我们提供 24/7 全天候服务,从头到尾。如果您有任何疑问或需求,您可以随时通过电话或电子邮件取得联系。


我们一直在寻找有动力的经销商合作伙伴! 如果您有兴趣,我们鼓励您通过邮件[email protected]与我们联系,或填写本网站上的申请表。

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