Manufacturer of specialist custom plastic accessories

An invitation from a manufacturer specialising in injection moulding for over 30 years

ZHX Toys has been in the injection moulding industry since 1985, and we have the expertise and experience to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations, and to guarantee the fastest possible delivery times.

With the most professional sales team and experienced R&D staff, the advantages of working with Zhongxing Toys are

ZHX Toys is committed to maximising the benefits of each customer's investment through its manufacturing expertise and design philosophy.

Manufacturer of specialist custom plastic accessories

Preliminary design

With over thirty years of experience in plastic moulded component design and mould design, we can combine customer design concepts with our R&D staff to design product drawings and build moulds for production based on product characteristics.

Manufacturer of specialist custom plastic accessories

Mould manufacturing

We have our own moulding factory with a team of skilled mould makers. In-house plastic processing and fast design with in-house mould publishing are enough to save time and money for every customer.

Manufacturer of specialist custom plastic accessories

Injection Molding

In the moulding process, the injection moulding machine forces the liquid raw material into the mould cavity to form the part. zhx Toys currently has 68 modern injection moulding machines ranging in size from 75 to 1000 tonnes. And we also have a two-colour injection moulding machine to ensure that all our customers’ requirements are met

Manufacturer of specialist custom plastic accessories

Product inspection

ZHX Toys employs a strict quality control system when testing plastic products for defects. After the quality control testing process, only the highest quality plastic moulded parts are packaged. And all ZHX Toys moulds are regularly maintained between production runs, so your moulds are always in good condition.

Manufacturer of specialist custom plastic accessories

Logistics delivery

Although we are in China, we are located close to the port and have many years of logistical cooperation to deliver your final plastic products directly to you. We have easy access to all major transportation networks, allowing us to efficiently ship your custom plastic parts.

Manufacturer of specialist custom plastic accessories

Our Mission

Hopefully, after working with ZHX Toys, you will never work with another company again. Because we can handle anything related to injection moulding manufacturing and can be satisfied by our level of professionalism, service attitude and manufacturing capabilities

With a hundred types of thermoplastic materials ranging from commercial to engineering grade, our team will select the most suitable raw material for the product you need.

Our sales and engineering teams have many years of combined expertise in project management and the manufacture of plastic parts.

ZHX Toys is equipped with an R&D team and sales experts fully capable of guiding you through the design and manufacturing process, making your decision to proceed with custom injection moulding easy and uncomplicated.

ZHX Toys is proud of the personal relationships we have with each and every customer we have worked with and many of them have been with us since the beginning.

We are the number one supplier of replacement service parts to the toy industry. We specialise in the storage of product parts with short delivery times - thus saving you money and time!

Industries we can serve

The baby sector is what we do best, as it is the market we have positioned ourselves in from the start. And we have a lot of partnerships with well-known global brands.

In the food industry we focus on the production of boxes, because our mould making speed and production efficiency are fast enough to meet the needs of our customers for new packaging.

We can also manufacture any injection moulded component required by the tool industry.

The medical industry is also something we are able to cover, and there are now a very large number of new crown kits, drug organisers etc. that can be completed.

ZHX Toys has many clients who have been with us for over 20 years, some for over 30 years.

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