Best Manufacturers List for Foot to Floor Toys?

Baby Ride-on toys, including children’s walkers, strollers, umbrella carts, tricycles, baby walkers, electric ride-on, scooters, bicycles, etc., are used from infancy to toddler.

There are many different kinds of strollers available for babies and toddlers, and various tricycles and bicycles for children.

Today, we will outline the best manufacturers of foot-to-floor toys and believe this article will be useful to you, especially if you need to know more about these companies.

Foot-to-floor toys have 3 industrial bases in China, including

    • Guangdong Province
    • Zhejiang Province
    • Hebei Province
    • Guangdong Province serves as the old production base, with excellent factory management and piece quality. The only drawback is their non-competitive price, due to the rising cost of raw materials and employees in recent years. 
    • In Zhejiang Province, the labor costs are slightly lower and the price is highly competitive. The factory management and product quality of their pieces are high due to years of development and precipitation and can compete with Guangdong manufacturing.
    • Hebei Province and the earliest Guangdong and Zhejiang are similar. their management needs to be improved, and product quality is currently more focused on low-end products. However, it does not exclude continuous development and growth; hence, catching up with Zhejiang Guangdong is still possible.

Here we will introduce the 7 best foot-to-floor toys manufacturers in China.

    1. Zhxtoys
    2. Dongguan Jingli Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. (has announced its closure in July,2022)
    3. Foshan Yinghao
    5. Pinghu Jiajia
    6. Pinghu Mijia
    7. Hollicy


ZHXTOYS is located in Yiwu and was founded in 1989. The previous company name was YIWU ZHIDUOXING PLASTICS CO., LTD, which initially manufacture children’s drawing and writing boards, and then switched to plastic stroller products.

Their products include foot-to-floor toys, ride-on, swing cars, baby walkers, push cars, scooters, baby potties, and bathtubs.

The factory has passed BSCI, DISNEY FAMA, SMETA, WALMART FCCA, and SCAN factory audits. The products also have EN71, ASTM, ROHS, EMC, KC, GCC, and other certifications, owing to which they have become one of the suppliers of Wal-Mart, Target, Argos, and Kmart supermarkets.

ZHXTOYS products are also sold in major mom-and-pop supermarket chains in mainland China.

Since 2016, ZHXTOYS has received DISNEY, PAW PATROL, OCTONAUTS, BENZ, AND BENTLEY licenses, which have been exported to more than 48 countries worldwide.

ZHXTOYS acquired a mold factory, and now can provide one-stop service from mold development to OEM production with strong competitiveness.

2. Dongguan Jingli Plastic & Electronics Co.

As a factory of kiddieland in Dongguan, Dongguan Jingli was once very popular.

However, the factory was declared closed in July 2022 due to several reasons, like a significant increase in freight costs of the company’s target customers, the increase in raw material prices, the sharp rise in the exchange rate of RMB against HKD and USD, the impairment loss on property, plant, and equipment and other receivables, the increase in staff costs and the non-recurring and non-recurring government subsidies received during the year.

3. Foshan Yinghao Toys Co.LTD

Yinghao Toys, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, was established in 1987. Its product line includes Ride-Ons and Baby Care Articles, especially Radio Control Battery Operated Ride-Ons, Battery Operated Ride-on

Motorcycle, Battery Operated Ride-on ATVs, Push & Pedal Ride-Ons, Baby walkers, Baby Potty Seat, Baby Baths, etc.  

They mainly supply to Spain, Ireland, Chile, North America, and other countries.


Located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, CHI LOK BO’s main products offer a variety of Ride-on, including authorized electric cars. In recent years, their product line has increased the business of wooden toys.

5. Zhejiang Jiajia Ride-On. Ltd

Zhejiang Jiajia Ride-On., Ltd. is located in Pinghu city, established in 2001. It is mainly involved in large children’s electric cars, factory inspection FCC, SCS, GSV factory inspection, and OEM.

6. PinghuMijia Child Product Co. Ltd

Mijia, located in Pinghu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, was established in 2007. This company mainly produces electrical ride-ons, foot-to-floors, scooters, and so on. They usually make product supply to USA and Europe market.

7. Hollicy

Pinghu Shuangxi Baby Carrier Manufacture Co. Ltd is also located in Pinghu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, and was established in 2000. They produce children’s bicycles, baby tricycles, baby walkers, electric cars, twist cars, etc.

With the change in the market and the development of the supply chain, we believe there will be more and more excellent stroller manufacturers who can protect the sales of stroller products in China.

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