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Our Story with Ronald

This is our friend Ronald, and this is a photo taken at the beginning of our cooperation. All of us are still young here, but our determination to expand the market was the same then as it is now.

Over the next 3 years we experienced:

Volume Increase

At the beginning of our cooperation, Ronald was operating an online store and shipping small quantities of bulk cargo by sea. After extensive product testing and collaboration on promotional methods, we soon began shipping entire containers, from 20GP to 40GP, and ultimately 40HQ.

Hot Sales of Spinner Toys

At the beginning of 2020, we had 18 conference calls on the progress of this project, the longest of which lasted over 5 hours. This is a photo taken after a long conference call, when everyone was exhausted.

Expanding International Markets

In the mid of 2020, Ronald’s website began to receive inquiries from customers in other countries. After visiting these countries in person, Ronald decided to open up new markets. So we geared up again and began to conduct research on market demand and competitive products and to visit  local markets. After more than three months of research, we compiled a target country market research report that was more than 1,000 pages long. This work helped ensure smooth market entry, and sales performance of our products has risen continually since then.


At present, Ronald’s annual sales have exceeded thirteen million U.S. dollars.

This is a story about our collaboration with Ronald, what about you? Join us…

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