A one-stop guide to importing plastic toys from China

There are many people who want to import plastic toys from China to sell in their own country but always lack the confidence to try due to the fear of language barrier, complicated international trade procedures, fraud, or poor quality plastic toys. Here, in order to make your plastic toys import smoothly, we introduce the basic process of trade import goods to you, so that you can be well informed and foolproof about plastic toys import.

1, Confirm if you are qualified to import

Every businessman who has experience selling toys will at some point want to import their own plastic toys from China to make a higher profit. This saves you the expense of buying from a middleman. But in the middle, you also need to calculate the cost of importing from China, which includes your sourcing costs, shipping costs, customs clearance costs at the dock, etc. If your order is worth $1000, it will usually cost you $2000 by the time the goods reach you.

2, choose the plastic toys in high demand

First, you need to choose the plastic toys you want to sell and make sure the plastic toys are legal to sell in your country, good plastic toys can bring you a good profit. You can do research in your country, you have to budget for your plastic toys, you can spend little money to build a website on Shopify and invest some money in social media ads to measure the profit you can get for these plastic toys. If you can’t afford to conduct market research, then consider items that everyone needs, such as plastic everyday items.

It is important that if you want to succeed fast in this industry, you must focus on those plastic toys that you are good at, which means you can control the quality, you can understand the whole trend of plastic toys, and you have a complete sales strategy.

However, we do not recommend that you purchase plastic toys that are very popular in the short term and usually spread quickly. If you want to make money fast by selling these types of plastic toys, you need to have strong market insight to seize the opportunity. In addition, a proper distribution system and strong promotional capabilities are also necessary. But new importers usually lack this ability. Therefore, it is not a wise choice for a new business owner.

Also, we do not recommend you to purchase plastic toys with very low value, but the purchase volume needs to be very large, such plastic toys tend to give you a large volume of inventory piling up in your stock.

3, choose your supplier

Generally, we have two ways to find suppliers now, online and offline.

Find suppliers online through Alibaba, DHgate, Aliexpress, Google, etc.

Pick out some goods that you think sell well and are acceptable in your country’s market, then decide which one you want to import. The second step is to pick some merchants who sell these goods in China.

After selecting your plastic toys, all you need to do is find a supplier. Here are three online ways to search for a supplier.

If your order is under $100, Aliexpress is the right choice for you. There are a wide variety of plastic toys and suppliers for you to choose from, such as ride-on cars. ride on cars has a larger MOQ, so if your order is not that huge, you have a limited choice to purchase on Aliexpress.

If your orders are between $100-$1000 and you have enough budget to grow your business in the long run, Alibaba is more beneficial for you.

Google is a good channel to find Chinese suppliers. In recent years. More and more Chinese factories and trading companies are setting up their websites on Google.

For example, this website:https://zhxtoys.com/ 

You can also search for Chinese suppliers on some social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Quora, etc. Many Chinese suppliers want to get wide attention, so they often share their news, plastic toys, and services through these social media platforms. You can reach out to them to learn more about their services and plastic toys, and then decide whether to work with them.

Find Chinese suppliers through trade shows, wholesale markets, and industry clusters

Before the epidemic, when the world was open, there were many trade shows held in China every year, among which Canton Fair is my first recommendation for you, which has the most comprehensive range of plastic toys.

There are also many wholesale markets in China, of which the ones I would recommend to you the most are Guangzhou and Yiwu, which have strong supply chains and you can see buyers from all over the world. And being a coastal city in China, shipping and logistics are very convenient.

Of course, many buyers want to cooperate directly with the factory, eliminating the need for foreign trade companies to extract the cost, which has advantages and disadvantages, this part I will introduce in the next article.

4, Common ways of quoting

When you negotiate with suppliers, you will encounter phrases such as Incoterms. There are many different trade terms, which will affect the quotation accordingly.

Some of the more commonly used quotations are

EXW “Ex Works”, FOB “Free on Board”, CFR “Cost and Freight”, CIF “Cost, Insurance and Freight” and other forms.

5, about the mode of shipment

In my previous article, I introduced the shipment methods for plastic toys purchased from China. There are many transportation methods, mainly ocean transportation, railroad transportation, air transportation, river transportation, postal transportation, road transportation, pipeline transportation, continental bridge transportation, and international multimodal transportation combined by various transportation methods.


6, Clear customs and deliver the plastic toys to the door

The last important step is customs clearance. You should know in advance what documents or certificates are required in this process.

The following documents are required for all kinds of plastic toys during the export clearance process in China:

Purchase contract

Commercial Invoice

Packing list

Bill of Lading

Certificate of Origin

Of course, depending on the different regulatory and clearance requirements of each country’s customs for each type of plastic toy, additional certificates are required. But for the export process, you don’t have to worry too much. Usually, the supplier will help you to solve this problem. In addition to the certificate, you will need to pay customs duties, but the rates vary by country or plastic toy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by filling out the information below, we are more than willing to escort your plastic toys to import smoothly.

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